Sea Dumping Bill exposes state capture at its finest


The Greens condemn Labor and the Coalition for shamefully declaring their intention to pass the Sea Dumping Amendment Bill.

This legislation has been specifically designed to facilitate the nation's dirtiest fossil fuel project by falsely legitimising carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a commercially viable and effective climate solution. 

In reality CCS is a public relations and delaying tactic for the coal and gas industry to pretend it is doing something other than jeopardising life on this planet.

Quotes attributable to Greens spokesperson for healthy oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson: 

“Labor’s Sea Dumping Bill isn’t intended to benefit Australian people, but rather fossil fuel companies attempting to greenwash a dirty industry, prolong Australia’s dependence on oil and gas and delay renewable alternatives. 

“How many more times will the government try to trick Australians that it is tackling climate change, when its actions are so self-evidently the opposite? 

“Pumping carbon under the sea from gas rigs or storing it underground just doesn’t stack up. The whole thing is a sham and a travesty. 

“The importing and exporting of carbon dioxide for sub-seabed sequestration risks turning Australia's oceans, and those of our near neighbours, into the dumping grounds for the world's pollution while simultaneously risking marine wildlife through the impacts of infrastructure, seismic testing, and a significant lack of clear regulation.

“What is clear is that climate denialism is an active policy of both Labor and the Coalition. We will soon have legislation in place that appears to be written by the fossil fuel industry, for the fossil fuel industry — exposing state capture at its finest.”

Quotes attributable to Greens spokesperson for First Nations and Resources, Senator Dorinda Cox: 

“Make no mistake, the passing of the Sea Dumping Amendment Bill will show Labor and Coalition are puppets for the fossil fuel industry and enablers of continuing state capture and climate destruction.

“This Bill serves to give highly questionable and damaging projects like Santos’ Barossa Gas project, its related Bayu-Undan Carbon Capture and Storage projects and other fossil fuel projects off Australia's northern coastlines a dodgy green light.

“CCS is being used to justify new climate bomb fossil fuel projects, but the government must take climate change seriously and stop projects including Santos’ Barossa Gas Project, fracking in the Beetaloo Basin and Middle Arm in Darwin.

“We have seen in various court cases the lack of regard shown by Santos for genuine consultation with Traditional Owners and we must ensure we protect tangible and intangible cultural heritage from damage by fossil fuel projects.

“The loss of this ancient heritage would be devastating to Traditional Owners who have spiritual connections to ancient burial grounds, songlines and totems.”

Quotes attributable to Greens spokesperson for environment, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young: 

“The Labor party is lying to Australia when it says it will protect the environment on one hand, but is actually approving catastrophic gas expansion for foreign-owned gas companies on the other. 

“The Labor and Liberal deal on Sea Dumping is dishonest, gross greenwashing of the highest order and is putting the future of our kids at risk.”