Secretive NDIS Changes To Be Introduced to Parliament


NDIS Legislation is to be introduced into the House of Representatives tomorrow, Wednesday 27th March 2024. 

Senator Steele-John Greens Spokesperson for Disability Rights and Services, says: 

"This NDIS Legislation has been done behind closed doors, with non-disclosure agreements abound. Making advocates sign non-disclosure agreements is not genuine co-design. 

"The question on my mind is why has the Labor Government prepared NDIS legislation behind closed doors? What have they got to hide? 

"Let’s be very clear; there should be no changes to the principle of Choice and Control that underpins our NDIS. Disabled people should continue to have choice and control over the people who are paid to support them. 

"Today, we have seen Premiers, Chief Ministers and the Federal Government bickering at the 11th hour over the future of disability supports in this country. The time for bickering is over, and the time for ensuring these supports work for disabled people is now. 

"No disabled person should be pushed by abled-bodied politicians from the NDIS into the vast gaping hole that is non-NDIS disability supports in this country."


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