Senate calls on Government to come good on funding for neurodegenerative disease in East Arnhem Land


The Greens and Labor have secured Senate support calling on the Federal Government to make good on a $10 million grant that they have refused to give to the Machado-Joseph Disease Foundation.

“Machado-Joseph disease is a very rare genetic neurodegenerative disease that has devastating impacts on those it effects. Symptoms generally do not appear until later in life then sufferers rapidly deteriorate.

“East Arnhem land is the number one hotspot for this disease in the world and funding is needed for supports, therapists, equipment and research.

“Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion has refused to give the Foundation previously allocated money from the Aboriginal Benefit Account for treatment and research into this disease, and has even argued against it in Federal Court. 

“Rather than constantly trying to reclaim money allocated by a previous Government, I urge Minister Scullion to make good on the grant and also provide an additional single payment of $500,000 to ensure continuity of current work by the Foundation until interest accrues”.