Statement from the Australian Greens on the broken ceasefire in Israel and Palestine


The Australian Greens are deeply concerned to see the ceasefire broken with risks of further deaths in Israel and Palestine, a mere three days into the Bennett-Lapid Government’s term.

Australian Greens foreign affairs spokesperson, Senator Janet Rice, said:

“The Australian Greens condemn the extremist language of the ultranationalist marchers in East Jerusalem, and the subsequent escalation in violence today. 

“Before the last ceasefire, the Israeli military flattened homes, offices and key infrastructure in Gaza. In 10 days 232 Palestinians were killed. At the same time, rockets fired from Gaza also stole the lives of 12 Israelis.

"Both Israelis and Palestinians should be able to live in peace and security. Fragile ceasefires alone will not be enough to pave the way for Palestinians and Israelis to enjoy a stable, lasting and just peace. 

“Every day Palestinians live under Israeli Government control, and for 73 years Palestinians have waited for the international community to deliver on their promise of peace, and Australia is not pushing for peace. 

“We must resolve the underlying issues, not just watch while any hope for a just peace is undermined by the next round of forced displacements, demolitions, settlements, terror and violence. Australia must loudly call for an end to the Occupation and recognise Palestine, because only then will Israelis and Palestinians both be able to live in peace and security.”