Supermarket CEOs to face Senate Inquiry


The CEOs of Coles and Woolworths will next week face the Greens-led Senate inquiry into supermarket pricing.

“They’ll have to answer for price gouging shoppers and putting the squeeze on farmers,” Greens Economic Justice spokesperson and Committee chair Senator Nick McKim said.

“They’ll have to explain how they are raking in billions in profits while millions of Australians are struggling to put food on the table.”

“People have spoken about skipping meals, being forced to dumpster dive and missing out on other essentials.”

“We’ve heard from farmers and suppliers who have been sent to the wall because of Coles’ and Woolworths’ abuse of market power.”

“It’s time for the CEOs to front the Senate and face the music.”

“They will need to explain why they are in denial of their market dominance and have fought any regulation that threatens their power over shoppers and farmers.”

The programs for next week’s hearings can be found here.