Theia Energy wants to accelerate the climate crisis


Today Theia Energy announced it will resubmit its application to frack the Canning Basin.

Theia has changed its plans multiple times in an attempt to dodge Western Australia's EPA laws, but is betting the McGowan government’s review on onshore fracking will favour companies over the environment.

Lines attributable to Greens spokesperson for resources Yamatji-Noongar Woman Senator Dorinda Cox:

“The McGowan government should care about its constituents equally. The ban on fracking should extend across all of WA not just the metropolitan regions and southwest.

“The government is allowing manufactured consent for fossil fuel projects. If they won’t invest and support regional communities they are effectively forcing Traditional Owners to agree to these projects.

“The International Energy Agency’s ‘World Energy Outlook 2022’ report doesn’t support the idea of gas as a transition fuel. 

“Black Mountain Energy’s exemption from the export of onshore gas shows the McGowan government is happy to sell out our environment and fuel the climate crisis.

“A report released today by The Climate Council showed Queensland is bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. We cannot allow Western Australia to suffer the same fate by opening up new fossil fuel projects.

“A recent poll showed 63% of Australians want to accelerate the shift to renewables. Rather than open up new polluting projects we need to invest in cleaner, greener renewable energy sources. 

“We can’t trust the WA Labor government to do the right thing. We must strengthen our Federal environmental protection laws to ban fracking across all of Australia.”