Three times the average wage earner’s tax cut going to billionaires, CEOs and politicians: Greens


Responding to Labor’s reheated Stage 3 tax cuts announcements, the Greens - who have opposed the Stage 3 tax cuts package since their inception - have said Labor has failed to deliver fairness for low and middle income earners and that the Greens would fight for further changes to the package. 

Comment attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP:

“In a housing and cost of living crisis, Labor’s offering people on middle incomes an extra $15 a week while giving $4,500 a year to politicians and billionaires. Is that really the best Labor can do in a housing, rental and cost of living crisis?

“Labor’s giving the very wealthy three times as much as the average wage earner. 

“The Greens have kept up the pressure on Labor’s unfair original tax plan from day one, and as this legislation works its way through Parliament, the Greens will fight for more for low and middle income earners who are struggling under Labor’s housing and rental crisis.

“Why is Labor expecting people to be happy with an additional $15 a week, when rents have gone up by about $100 a week under Labor's housing and rental crisis and mortgages almost $200 a week?

“Labor claims there’s only $15 a week extra for middle Australia, no money to raise the rate of Centrelink and no money to get dental and mental health into Medicare, while forging ahead with a $4500 tax cut for every billionaire and politician.”