Time to talk about genuine needs-based education funding


While it is welcome to see some honesty around the over-funding of some of the wealthiest private schools, we need real action to put fairness into schools funding, The Australian Greens say.

“It’s high time this Government talked seriously about cutting funds to grossly over-funded private schools only the richest of the rich can send their children to, but part of that conversation needs to seriously focus on a fair funding model for all Australian schools,” Greens education spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“The mooted Government plan doesn’t change the fact that ripping $3.8 billion from public schools from 2018 will be devastating for our children. The fact that some schools are overfunded to the tune of more than 200 per cent, and some are struggling to stock the stationery cupboard needs to be addressed. 

“What we need is proper funding and a genuine, needs-based funding model, steering this government away from the 2018 funding cliff and on the right track to equality in schools funding.”


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