Tweaks to tax cuts not the answer: Bandt


Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP has said that mooted ‘tweaks’ to Labor’s Stage 3 tax cuts are not the answer, and that the government should simply scrap the cuts before they come into effect and start again with a plan to tackle the cost of living crisis by spending $244b on measures like dental into Medicare and free childcare.

“Labor shouldn’t be arguing about whether to give Clive Palmer an $8,000 a year tax cut or a $9,000 a year tax cut. He doesn’t deserve either,” Mr Bandt said.

“A tweak to these tax cuts isn’t the answer. We should preserve our progressive tax system and spend $244 billion cutting the cost of living for everyday people, by getting dental into Medicare, making childcare free and building affordable homes.

“In 2019, the Greens were the only ones who voted against these terrible tax cuts. Now, everyone from the unions to former RBA governors agree that they must be scrapped. 

“The Greens have been building the case against the tax cuts, and recent polling shows that the majority of Australians support dropping the tax cuts to pay for services. 

“If Labor wants to make the case that we should still be giving politicians and billionaires a tax break, that’s a matter for them. The public have already made up their minds: no more tax cuts for the wealthy.”