Visa cancellations


The Greens condemn the Australian government's decision to cancel visas for Palestinians fleeing the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza and already in transit to Australia.

"Labor has already made itself complicit in the crisis in Gaza by facilitating the export of military hardware to Israel and cutting funding to UNRWA,” Greens Immigration and Citizenship spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

“To cancel visas for those fleeing such horrendous conditions shows a lack of humanity and causes unnecessary further suffering." 

"The Minister urgently needs to intervene and fix this mess.”

“The Greens call for the reinstatement of these visas and a significant policy shift to prevent further injustice.”

“At the very least, those affected must be granted temporary visas immediately so they can stay safely in Australia while any issues are resolved.”

“It's time for Labor to step up and show some leadership in the face of a humanitarian crisis."