Women left desperate and dateless for Super on PPL


In Senate Question Time today the Government was unable to give women a date for when they will deliver on their so-called intention to provide super on PPL, leaving Australian women desperate and dateless for fairer Paid Parental Leave.

Lines attributable to Greens leader in the Senate and spokesperson on Women, Larissa Waters

“In the last financial year, Labor gave $9.8 billion worth of subsidies to fossil fuel industries, and they’ve committed half a trillion dollars to nuclear submarines. And yet women have to wait for super on PPL, despite it costing a modest $200m each year, because ‘budget constraints’. 

“Why are women forced to wait when other things are not subject to ‘budget constraints?

“The Greens have committed to pass the superannuation tax reforms if Labor funds super on PPL, so the excuse about budget constraints really doesn’t fly.

“The Government’s superannuation tax proposal is such a timid proposed change to the tax concessions the obscenely wealthy receive. If Labor is not going to improve it, the least they can do is put the revenue to good use for the legions of women retiring into poverty.

“We will use our balance of power in the Senate to get outcomes for families and for the women in Australia retiring with 23 per cent less superannuation than men.”