Yes pamphlets endorsed by Australian Greens Party Room


The Australian Greens Party Room are proud to endorse the Yes materials supporting the case for a Voice to Parliament at the referendum later this year.

The materials were endorsed by Senator Dorinda Cox on behalf of federal Greens MPs.

Comment attributable to Greens First Nations spokesperson Senator Dorinda Cox:

“I’m proud to give my support to the Yes pamphlet on behalf of the Australian Greens federal MPs.

“Now it's time for the country to come together and say yes to justice for First Nations people.

“By voting yes, we are saying that First Nations people should have a say in matters that affect them, and this right can never be taken away.

“A successful referendum must be the start of a decade of change for First Nations people as we move towards Truth-telling, Treaty-making, and self-determination.

“We will work with the government, while listening to the concerns of First Nations people around the country.

“We are simultaneously pushing the government to make real and meaningful progress on Truth and Treaty - the Government has made a shared commitment with us to implementing the Uluru Statement in full, and we will continue to push the government to build on their initial $5.8m commitment to a Makarrata Commission to further progress Truth-telling and Treaty-making this term."