You can’t trust Labor on climate and environment after yet another backflip, say Greens



Labor’s latest backflip, abandoning support for more native forest reserves in Tasmania, including 356,000ha of permanent reserves, shows they cannot be trusted to protect the environment or tackle climate change.

“Labor talks big about overhauling environment laws and taking strong action on climate change, but has now backflipped on protecting vast areas of Tasmania’s native forests,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens forest spokesperson.

“Labor still won’t rule out support for the Adani mine, plans to open up the Northern Territory to fracking, and just yesterday backtracked on their electric vehicle target.”

“This decision shows Labor will buckle under the slightest pressure from their industry mates and corporate donors.”

“You just cannot trust Labor when it comes to protecting our environment or climate.”

“The Greens plan would end native forest logging immediately, and transition the industry to 100% plantations from the current 88%.”

“Labor is willfully allowing the destruction of our forests because, which are hugely important for storing carbon, for threatened animals and for our water security. To log them, mainly for woodchips, is just madness.”

“Labor are reverting to type as they always do when the pressure comes on from the loggers,” said Senator Nick McKim, Australian Greens senator for Tasmania.

“Trashing and burning carbon rich forests like takayna/Tarkine, the Blue Tier and the Styx is unacceptable while the world is in a climate emergency and a biodiversity crisis.”

“The Greens will fight to protect these beautiful places, the carbon they store and the wildlife they support.”

“We are the only party standing up for Tassie’s forests - we always have and we always will.”