Zero extinction unachievable with new coal and gas


The Albanese Labor Government will fail to achieve its 'no new extinctions' objective if it continues to open new coal and gas projects, the Greens say. 
With habitat clearing and the climate crisis the biggest threat to Australia's native species, the Greens are urging Labor to support their bills for a moratorium on habitat clearing and a Climate Trigger to assess polluting projects for the impact of their emissions on the climate. 
Greens Spokesperson for the Environment Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:
"Zero extinctions is a welcome target, but completely unattainable under a government that continues to open new coal and gas projects. 
"While land clearing of critical habitat for mines and developments continues and new polluting fossil fuel projects make the climate crisis worse, our wildlife don't stand a chance. 
"A true line in the sand moment for extinction would rule out land clearing of critical habitat and new coal and gas, and end native forest logging.
"Relying on offset schemes will also accelerate species decline as has occurred for many years now. We cannot continue to 'offset' pollution and environmental destruction - it must simply stop.
"The Greens' Climate Trigger law will assess projects for their impact on the climate and stop those polluting projects that will accelerate extinction. The Greens expect any reforms to Australia's environment laws that Labor puts forward to be fit for the climate crisis we are in, and therefore include a climate trigger."