Save the Koala on World Wildlife Day


On UN World Wildlife Day, the Greens are calling for the Albanese Government to end native forest logging and honour their commitment to halt extinction.

Australian Greens spokesperson for the Environment, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Today on World Wildlife Day the Albanese Government should announce it will end native forest logging and the clearing of critical habitat. 

"Here in Australia so many of our animals are facing extinction, like the koala. To save the koala we have to stop logging and bulldozing their homes. We must protect our native forests and stop the clearing of critical habitat.

“Our environment is in a devastating and rapid decline. Australia is outstripping the rest of the world when it comes to species loss and extinction.

"The Albanese Government committed on the world stage to halting extinction. This means they must stop allowing the destruction of habitat and stop logging and mining in our native forests. You cannot protect wildlife while continuing to destroy their homes.

“The Government must stop approving projects that destroy critical habitat and insert a climate trigger into our broken environment laws.

"It's crazy a polluting mine can be approved without consideration of the impact it's emissions will have on our climate.

“Later this year the government will introduce their planned changes to environment laws, if they don’t stop native forest logging and continue to approve projects that make climate pollution worse, they won’t be worth the paper they are printed on.”