Statement on Racism


I am so sick of this rubbish. I am so sick of people who will never experience racism telling us that it doesn't exist. Senator Bernardi will never be told that you have no place in public life because of the colour of your skin. I hope that one day Australia will not need a Race Discrimination Commissioner, but that day is definitely not today, because racism is a reality and millions of people are harmed by it. Sudanese Australians are demonised by the media. Aboriginal Australians are dying in custody. Muslim Australians have been demonised and demeaned in this very parliament. So don't pretend that racism doesn't exist. If you cared to step outside your bubble, you would know that it does exist. Shame on you— (Time expired)

Senator Bernardi interjecting—

Senator Whish-Wilson interjecting—

Senator Faruqi: and shame on anyone who supports this motion today.