Status of Women Report Card: failing with flying colours


The Greens note today’s announcement of Status of Women Report Card, but a mere distillation of existing data is inadequate, we need actions and funding to improve women’s lives. We also need new data gathered on unmet demand for women’s safety services and a real time count of women killed by domestic violence.

Lines attributable to Greens leader in the Senate and spokesperson on women Senator Larissa Waters

“A report card is an inadequate response from the government, when they have the power to fund programs that would actually improve women’s lives.

“The women’s safety sector has repeatedly called for a $1B per year investment to ensure funding meets demand. The Government’s October budget response was nowhere near this amount, leaving frontline services about $700m short. 

“A woman is still murdered each week in this country. Real time data on that tragic national statistic - treated with the prominence that the road toll is treated - would  force us to face the reality of family and domestic violence.

“Women on low wages or income support are especially vulnerable without the resources to escape violent situations. Yet this government persists with the cruelty of keeping income support payments like JobSeeker below the poverty line, and has the audacity to cry poor while dishing out hundreds of billions in tax cuts and investment property perks for the rich.

“Earlier this week they had the chance to amend their Paid Parental Leave bill and pay super on paid parental leave, costed by the government at $200 million, they chose not to. 

“Accountability on the status of women is welcome, but actions to improve women’s lives would be better than a mere distillation of all the data we already know.”