Uluru Statement from the Heart


Adam Bandt, via twitter

Let me be clear.

The Greens were the first party to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full, and we still do.

This land always was First Nations land, it always will be, and we all need to take steps to ensure First Nations justice.

The Greens have a strong First Nations Network, which has underscored the value of the order of truth telling, treaty, and voice to make sure change is lasting & meaningful.

Victoria’s Labor government is already proceeding with truth and treaty. We need progress nationally too.

We may only get one chance at a referendum to enshrine a Voice to Parliament in the constitution. It cannot fail.

Our policy is to improve, not block vital legislation, and so in balance of power we'd work with the next government to further truth, treaty, and voice.

We need to kick the Liberals out, and the Greens will work with the next government to pass major reforms to improve First Nations rights, set up a Truth and Justice Commission and begin steps towards a treaty.


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