Second live export voyage shows the craven live export industry prevails over animal welfare concern


Greens Deputy Leader and Animal Welfare spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi has expressed grave concerns over news the department has approved yet another live export voyage, amid deaths on the MV Bahijah which remains in limbo in WA.

Senator Faruqi said:

“Utterly irresponsible that as animals suffer and die on one stranded live export ship, the department approves yet another voyage. If this doesn’t show the absolutely glaring disregard for animal welfare by the government, then I don’t know what will.

“The industry only cares about their profits and dead animals are a mere inconvenience to them. It seems the government are doing their dirty work for them by approving yet another live export vessel for clearly dangerous travel.

“Animals are sentient beings, not cargo to be sent off on perilous journeys and offloaded wherever and whenever it’s convenient for export corporations, while the government protects industry profits at the cost of animals. 

“Sheep and cattle are dying on the MV Bahijah in the scorching summer heat, meanwhile we have a department not taking action and a Minister who’s missing in action. Absolutely unacceptable. 

“The Minister has the power to get the animals off this ship right now. He must do so immediately and reject the application to send them back to sea.

“The government already made one gross error by approving the MV Bahijah trip through a conflict zone and now they are repeating their mistake! This decision is a stain on our collective conscience and shows the horrific disregard for animal welfare.  

“Labor must legislate an end date now and start the shut down of live exports. Sheep can’t wait for the next term of government, they can barely wait another day.”