Social Services

A socially just, democratic and sustainable society requires the provision of an unconditional liveable income, complemented by the provision of universal social services.


The Australian Greens believe that:

  1. A socially just, democratic and sustainable society rests on the provision of an unconditional livable income, complemented by the provision of universal social services.
  2. Everyone has the right to access adequate high-quality resources to enable them to participate fully in society and additional services and supports should be targeted to disadvantaged people and sectors.
  3. Everyone should be able to access high quality housing, health, education and social services and support to meet their needs.
  4. Everyone regardless of visa status who are in serious need for any reason have the right to necessary income support and essential services.
  5. Growing wealth and income inequality is one of the greatest challenges that is faced by Australia and must be addressed.
  6. Social services are best delivered by community organisations and the public sector, not by private for-profit providers.
  7. The Australian community and social services sector plays a critical role in creating inclusive communities and should be well resourced to deliver evidence-based social services.
  8. First Nations peoples must have equal rights and access to essential services including health, mental health, education, training, housing, community infrastructure, employment support, and culturally specific and culturally safe justice systems.


The Australian Greens want:

  1. The eradication of poverty in Australia.
  2. The development and adoption of a comprehensive set of tools to measure poverty across the range of communities in Australia including a national definition of poverty.
  3. A shift in community and government attitudes to recognise the structural causes of poverty and the structural changes required to reduce poverty.
  4. Reform of the income support system to ensure an unconditional liveable income for all.
  5. Government budget papers to include measures of wellbeing indicators and analysis of the budget's effect on income and wealth inequality.
  6. Reforms to ensure that there is universal access to essential social services at local government, state and federal levels, with particular attention to housing, health, disability, education and social services.
  7. Adequate and secure long term funding for not-for-profit community service and advocacy organisations.
  8. The ongoing development of innovative, contemporary and meaningful work creation opportunities with matched job access and training.
  9. The establishment and resourcing of independent evaluation of social and wellbeing outcomes.
  10. The adoption of outcomes-based reporting on community services, to ensure effective programs and service delivery.
  11. Sufficient funding for public and community sector agencies providing migrant-specific services to deliver adequate, effective and timely support.
  12. Reform of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to re-establish a Social Services Appeals Tribunal.

(Social Services Policy as amended by National Conference May 2021.)

The Australian Greens recognise that many people may experience co-occurring mental and physical disability and alcohol and other drug issues, and understand the importance of connected, wrap-around supports. Please refer to related policies for further information. 

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