Social Services

A socially just, democratic and sustainable society requires the provision of an adequate income and essential services for all its citizens.


The Australian Greens believe that:

  1. A socially just, democratic and sustainable society rests on the provision of a guaranteed adequate income for all its citizens.
  2. Everyone has the right to access adequate resources to allow them to fully participate in society.
  3. Australian citizens should be able to access leading housing, health, education and social services and support to meet their needs.
  4. Growing wealth and income inequality is one of the greatest challenges that is faced by Australia and must be addressed.
  5. The Australian community and social services sector plays a significant role in creating inclusive communities and should be well resourced to deliver evidence-based social services.


The Australian Greens want:

  1. The eradication of poverty in Australia.
  2. The development and adoption of a comprehensive set of tools to measure poverty across the range of communities in Australia.
  3. A shift in community and government attitudes, to recognise the systemic causes of poverty and social services dependence, that removes the blame from those accessing support.
  4. Reform of the income support system to ensure a guaranteed adequate income for all, including simplification of pensions and allowances into a universal guaranteed adequate income (GAI) scheme.
  5. Budget process to include analysis of the budget’s effect on income and wealth inequality in Australia.
  6. The equitable provision of services, at local government, state and federal levels, with particular attention to housing, health, education and social services.
  7. Adequate and secure funding for not-for-profit community service and advocacy organisations.
  8. The ongoing development of innovative and contemporary work creation opportunities with matched job access and training opportunities.
  9. The establishment and resourcing of independent evaluation of social and wellbeing outcomes.
  10. The adoption of outcomes-based reporting on community services, to ensure effective programs and service delivery.
  11. Reforms to ensure that there is universal access to essential social services.

[Policy endorsed: May 2018]