Sport and Physical Recreation


The Australian Greens believe that:

  1. Sport and physical recreation are essential elements of the culture of many Australians.
  2. Sport and physical recreation is necessary for the maintenance of good mental and physical health and wellbeing.
  3. Participation in sport plays an important role in the development of social, organisational and communication skills.
  4. Community-based sporting clubs and associations are an integral part of our society.
  5. Government has a responsibility to ensure equitable access to affordable sport and physical recreation facilities and services.
  6. The staging of sporting events and the building of sporting facilities must minimise ecological impacts.
  7. Unregulated sports betting poses a threat to the integrity of professional sport.
  8. The integrity of sport should be encouraged by sound and transparent governance structures. 


The Australian Greens want:

  1. All schools to be funded and required to provide opportunities for appropriate sport and physical recreation for all school children up to and including year 12.
  2. All women's, men's and disabled sporting events of national significance to be available on free-to-air television or other free media.
  3. Promotion of women's sport, including support for the professionalisation of women's competitions.
  4. A drug-free sporting environment.
  5. Improved access to sport, including organised sport, for children and young people, people with disabilities, LGBTI people, older Australians and people of low socioeconomic status.
  6. The promotion of sport and physical recreation as a key element of health policies.
  7. Funding in the health, welfare and social services areas to promote participation in sport or other physical recreation.
  8. Support for local government to provide accessible, well-resourced and safe sporting and physical recreation facilities to the community.
  9. Real accessibility to sport and physical recreation facilities and services for people with disabilities.
  10. Better promotion and resourcing of sport and physical recreation activities within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  11. The adoption of codes of practice in sport which discourage acts of violent or antisocial behaviour and encourage a culture of respect for all people, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.
  12. Governance structures and financial structures in sporting organisations and associations to ensure integrity in all sporting codes.
  13. Funding prioritised for community facilities which encourage active participation in physical activities.
  14. To reduce deaths by drowning of Australian children through access to swimming and water safety lessons.
  15. Restriction on advertising and sponsoring of sports events by alcohol and gaming companies.
  16. Reduced influence of gambling on sport though:
    1. more tightly regulated sports betting;
    2. education about the risks and harms of gambling on sport; and
    3. restricted advertising of gambling on sports.

[Policy endorsed: November 2017]