Our COVID-19 Plan

The Queensland Government needs to act now to protect ordinary people and their livelihoods, and direct our state’s enormous wealth and manufacturing capacity toward the common good, not private profit.

Our Plan to save lives and build a world-class health system:

  • Rapidly increase Queensland’s ICU bed capacity from 802 to 3,500, to match Victoria’s new ICU bed ratio to population in response to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Provide face-masks and hand sanitizer free to all Queenslanders by rapidly establishing a string of public factories to mass produce personal protective equipment. Forcibly acquire any suitable existing factory capacity to speed this process up.
  • Free flu vaccine for all Queenslanders to help take pressure off our health system.
  • Bring all private hospitals in Queensland into public hands to stop profit gouging and expand our public health system.

Bring private hospitals into public hands

Increase our ICU and Emergency Department capacity

Free face-masks and hand sanitizer for all


Federal Greens' people-first response to COVID-19:

  • A roof over everyone's head – stronger protection for mortgage-holders and renters with access to mortgage holidays and rent holidays, increases to Centrelink Rent Assistance and emergency housing for people experiencing homelessness.
  • 80% wage subsidies for all workers - just like in the UK. 2 weeks sick leave for the 3.6 million casuals and other workers without leave entitlements and nation-wide extension of workers compensation to cover COVID-19. 
  • Raise the DSP and Carers payment - disabled people and people receiving a carers allowance are currently excluded from the stimulus package. Faced with rising costs, and already extremely high levels of poverty It is unacceptable that disabled people have been excluded.