Repeal Labor’s Electric Vehicle Tax

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Support the repeal of Labor's electric vehicle tax.

Transport is Victoria’s biggest growing source of emissions. To tackle the climate crisis, governments need to help people make the switch to clean transport. 

That’s why the Victorian Greens will also continue to campaign to repeal Labor’s electric vehicle tax, and increase incentives instead.

Victorian Labor Government’s new tax on electric vehicles is making it more expensive for people to make the switch to low-emissions vehicles. 

This is a huge backwards step in our state's efforts to lower emissions and address the climate crisis. The tax has also been dubbed ‘the worst electric vehicle policy in the world’.

Every other state has either ruled out or deferred a tax on electric vehicles 

Right now governments around the world are seeing the benefits of making electric vehicles cheaper by encouraging uptake. The UK Government recently announced it will be banning the sale of petrol cars by 2030. The Greens-Labor Government in the ACT is even offering electric car buyers free registration and $15,000 loans to encourage uptake.  

That’s why the Victorian Greens opposed Labor’s electric vehicle tax in state parliament, and we are pushing to repeal the tax as part of our Electric Vehicle Rapid Uptake Plan.

To tackle the climate crisis, Victoria needs a government-lead plan to help people rapidly shift from polluting petrol cars to cleaner electric vehicles.

Our Electric Vehicle Rapid Uptake Plan that would see Victoria become a world leader in the switch to cleaner electric vehicles,  drastically cutting emissions, reducing air pollution and creating jobs.

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