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Save the sacred gum trees

The Government wants to cut down hundreds of ancient gum trees including sacred Tjap Wurrung birthing trees at Langi Ghiran for the widening of the Western Hwy.

Fix Footscray Hospital

Footscray Hospital is dangerously unfit for service. Resuscitations happen in the hallway because modern medical equipment cannot fit into the cubicles.

Plastic Free Sea

Victorians love our beaches. But plastic pollution is putting them – and entire marine ecosystems – at risk. We must act now.

Save Public Housing

Everyone Victorian should have a place to call home.

Fix Housing

Melbourne’s housing is in crisis. It’s time to increase housing affordability & ensure everyone has a home by getting our Governments to make real changes.

Battery Hens

It is estimated that up to 12 million ‘battery’ hens are confined in small cages in the Australian egg producing industry.

Jumps Racing

Jumps racing has long been banned in most of Australia, but inexplicably, is still allowed in Victoria and South Australia despite the continuing death toll.

Duck Shooting

During the annual Victorian duck shooting season, thousands of ‘game’ ducks are shot on our wetlands along with rare and threatened ducks.