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Ban dangerous rat poisons

It's time to ban dangerous, wildlife-killing rat poisons.

No gas terminal in Corio Bay

Sign the petition to stop a destructive gas terminal being built in Corio Bay

All women deserve to access safety from abuse

Tell the government Victoria needs a culturally specific women’s refuge

End Extinction In Victoria

Sign up to help protect native species and end extinction in Victoria.

End the war on wildlife

At a time when our wildlife is already under extreme pressure from climate change, catastrophic fires and drought, this government is making things worse.

End pokies

It's time to stand up to a predatory industry that generates addiction and targets vulnerable people.

Stop toxic waste incinerators

Labor wants to burn Victoria's waste in hazardous waste incinerators.

Lower the voting age in council elections

Our democracy is stronger when more people are able to participate in decision making.

Protect Horses

The racing industry has gone to ground and avoided responsibility. We cannot allow cruelty and suffering to go on.