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Replace Yallourn

Join the campaign to replace Victoria's dirtiest coal power station with clean energy.

Pill testing

It’s time to introduce pill testing in Victoria.

More trains & trams

Call for more ‘turn up and go’ train and tram services.

Black Lives Matter

Our justice system should treat every single Victorian equally and fairly, regardless of your race or how much money you have. 

End the war on wildlife

At a time when our wildlife is already under extreme pressure from climate change, catastrophic fires and drought, this government is making things worse.

LGBT discrimination in schools

Add your name to our petition to abolish laws that allow faith based schools to discriminate against LGBTI students and teachers in Victoria.

End pokies

It's time to stand up to a predatory industry that generates addiction and targets vulnerable people.

Stop toxic waste incinerators

Labor wants to burn Victoria's waste in hazardous waste incinerators.

Keep gas in the ground

We’re in a climate emergency, yet the Andrews Labor Government looks set to allow new gas drilling on farms across Victoria.