With our leafy green streets and our multicultural make up, as well as our specific public transport issues and community values, the Eastern Metropolitan region is a unique area.

For the first time ever, we have a sitting Greens MP (Samantha Dunn) to represent us and have broken the major parties' stranglehold on the area. Working together as a community, we can help make the East a greener place. Below are five ways you can start making a difference.

Find your branch

Branches are where Greens members connect with their peers and discuss matters ranging from local issues right up to federal and international policy. As a grassroots party all Greens members’ voices are important, and this is where your views on where the party should be headed and which policies should be enacted will be best advanced.


Greens events in the East include volunteer trainings, door knockings, markets at which the Greens have stalls or just a good old social catch up and yarn. They’re a great way to get involved and meet like-minded people. See what’s on in your area.

Issues in our community

As Eastern Metropolitan’s representative in parliament, I don’t just represent Greens values, I represent you. Just some of the many local issues I’ve been working on include the North East Link and Doncaster Rail, protecting our green open spaces and green wedge and ensuring sustainable local planning in our rapidly growing suburbs.


Without the benefits of big donors like the two major parties, The Greens rely on volunteer power (it’s a renewable resource!) for a lot of what we do.

Want to make a difference but aren’t sure where to start? Come volunteer with us!

Volunteering with us doesn’t need to be a big or ongoing commitment, and it doesn’t need to be during office hours either. We have activities that cater to everyone’s strengths and interests.


As your member for Eastern Metro, I am here to represent you. Part of my job in parliament is holding my colleagues to account when it comes to your issues. So if you have any concerns you would like addressed in parliament, or if you want more information on any of my work, please get in contact.