Green Issue: Editorial December 2020


By The Green Issue Editors

This year marks the 30th anniversary of The Greens WA. We highlight this issue with a summary of the history of the party from 1990 to the present. Although the party formed in January 1990 it was not possible to get together to celebrate that anniversary until the end of this year due to Covid pandemic restrictions. This function occurred on 12th December and we include a pictorial coverage of that event.

The WA state election is fast approaching – scheduled for 13th March 2021 – and Regional Groups are ramping up their campaigning. We include commentary on some of the major issues on which The Greens will be trying to reach voters. Particularly in this Covid year, the availability and security of jobs will be uppermost in the minds of many. It is proposed that job opportunities abound and go hand-in-hand with taking serious climate action and addressing issues of social well-being. And not just jobs but also providing security of housing and accommodation. Most people are now at least aware of the need for action on climate change, and thus it becomes an ever more important campaign issue. The WA Government is lagging in its response to this issue and The Greens are emphasizing the opportunities of effective climate action, as well as the glaringly apparent consequences of inaction. In the Mining and Pastoral region there is an emerging threat to climate management, and environmental management in general – proposals for fracking. Regional Groups are urged to raise their ambitions of electing members to the Legislative Assembly as well as increasing Greens representation in the Legislative Council.

Included are end of year reports from our MPs ‒ from Senator Rachel Siewert, and Members of the WA Legislative Council, Alison Xamon (North Metropolitan), Diane Evers (South West) and Tim Clifford (East Metropolitan).

Header photo: Candidates for the 2021 state election ready to go, supported by Giz Watson and Senators Rachel Siewert and Jordon Steele-John. Photo: Chris Johansen