Australians Want Peace

Peace not war

Join our us in calling for a new approach to defence spending.

By signing this you will also hear from us about our democracy and peace campaigns from time to time

Peace is and should always be the goal.

We need to commit to ensuring a peaceful Australia and preparing our defence force to focus on the impacts of climate change. 

20 years on from the invasion of Afghanistan we should reflect on our role in a castraphoic human rights disaster and recommit to a peaceful approach in how Australia engages with our region and the world.

The Greens have a plan to: 

  • Reduce defence spending to 1% of GDP by 2026 ensuring that Australia has a light, readily deployable, and highly mobile force that is commensurate with our size and location;
  • Renegotiate the US alliance with the terms of a new relationship focused on making Australia safer and a better global citizen;
  • Pass War Powers legislation that is currently before the Senate to require Parliamentary approval for decisions that commit Australia to war;
  • Close all foreign military bases in Australia;
  • Sign and ratify the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty; and 
  • Ban the development and use of lethal autonomous weapons.

Our plan will make available $312 billion for essential services our community needs right now, and will build cooperative relationships with our friends and neighbours so that we can work together to create a peaceful future for all of us and give everyone what they need to live a good life.