David Shoebridge

Greens NSW Senator David Shoebridge is a recognised voice for social justice and public accountability  

“It is an extraordinary privilege to represent the Greens in Parliament and to have the capacity to focus on the common good rather than corporate interests.

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In all of my work for you as a Greens MP I am committed to living up to this opportunity by putting people and the planet at the centre of my politics. 

It is the same system busily stripmining the environment and fueling runaway climate change that also creates a handful of billionaires, whilst millions struggle just to get by. I know as well that if we build a movement across New South Wales and Australia, inside and outside of Parliament, we can change that system to protect the climate, restore the environment and deliver a fair share to everyone. That’s why I’m in politics.

To make these changes we need to have the courage and passion to hold power to account. This is a job I relish, whether it is taking on a Premier, a Prime Minister or any one of their corporate backers. 

I’m proud to be part of a party that rejects corporate donations and instead relies on the collective work of tens of thousands of Greens members and supporters to send Greens MPs to Parliament. In return, I commit to working with you and using the position you give me to rewrite the rules, so that we start putting people and the planet before profit and self-interest.”

David Shoebridge, NSW Greens Senator


Senator for New South Wales

David's Portfolios

Digital Rights & IT
Defence & Veterans' Affairs


Suite 201, Level 2, 1A Lawson Square, Redfern, NSW, 2016
Phone: (02) 8073 7400

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