End Live Exports

Ban the trade in misery

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By adding your voice, you can demand Labor put animal welfare first. We'll also keep you up to date on our animals rights campaigns from time to time. 

Animals are not mere cargo. They are living, breathing, sentient beings.

Live export cannot be made safe for sheep, cattle or any animal. That’s why the Greens would ban all live export for slaughter.

Tens of thousands of animals die on export ships. Those that survive often suffer through extreme heat, distress and the lack of hygiene.

The Greens will always stand up for animal welfare. Sign the petition to join our campaign and consign the live export industry to the dustbin of history.

The people of Australia have been steadfast in their compassion for animals and their welfare. We won’t stop till we see an end to all live exports.

The Greens' Plan to End Live Export:

  • Bring together governments and stakeholders to work with industry, farmers and relevant unions and ensure a best practice, just transition for workers in the industry
  • Introduce a $5 million Farmer Adjustment Assistance Package for farmers to adjust their flocks towards local processing systems for chilled and frozen meats
  • Boost skills and retrain workers to transition to a domestic chilled and frozen meat processing industry in rural and regional areas, particularly Western Australia, by ensuring better targeted local skills and TAFE funding
  • Agree on new trade deals to remove trade distortions propping up the live export industry.

Read the full Greens plan:
Caring for Animals - a world without animal cruelty