Securing Renters' Rights

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Owning a home shouldn’t be the only way to guarantee you’ll have a roof over your head.

Almost a third of Australians rent, but the major parties are more interested in looking after the profits of landlords than the rights of tenants. This forces people to pay sky-high rents to live in substandard and unsustainable homes with the prospect of eviction at any time.

The Greens will establish a National Standard for Renters’ Rights to:

  • Prohibit ‘no grounds’ evictions and give tenants the option of long-term leases.
  • Limit the amount and how often a landlord can raise the rent.
  • Allow tenants to make minor changes without permission from the landlord and prohibit blanket ‘no pets’ clauses in leases and advertising.
  • Boost funding for tenancy services by $30 million a year to improve access to independent information, advice and advocacy.
  • Ensure appropriate tenancy protections for victims of domestic violence in all States and Territories.
  • Enforce energy efficiency and environmental sustainability standards for rental homes.