WA Truth-Telling and Justice Commission

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What is this campaign asking for?

  • The establishment of a Truth-Telling and Justice Commission in WA, similar to the Yoorrook Justice Commission in Victoria.
  • The Commission will be able to make broad recommendations about practical actions and reforms to address systemic racial issues.

Why are we asking for this - why does the past matter today? 

  • In order to move forward together, we need to know our shared past.
  • The impacts of colonisation, dispossession and forced removal are still felt today by First Nations people, families and communities. 
  • This process will help cut through the misinformation around the intergenerational trauma experienced by First Nations peoples and highlight their incredible resilience.

What is truth-telling?

  • An opportunity for First Nations people to document the past from a different perspective and uncover untold and unrecognised parts of our history.
  • An opportunity for First Nations people to share their culture, heritage and history with broader society. 
  • The process is based on justice and self-determination. It allows First Nation peoples experiences to be acknowledged.

Why does WA need a Truth-Telling and Justice Commission? 

  • WA has a number of ongoing injustices towards First Nations people that haven’t been responded to.
  • We need a mechanism to hold the state government to account when it comes to these injustices. 
  • Services and systems need to be designed and operated in a culturally safe way. 
  • WA is diverse and everyone should have the opportunity to tell their truth.
  • It will lead to improved community cohesion.