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Everyone needs a home

Fixing the Rigged System

Homes for people, and not houses for profit

The Liberal, Labor and National parties have changed the rules and now buying or even renting a home is increasingly difficult for millions of us.

Right now, wealthier people are claiming tax deductions on their second, third or fourth house while young people, young families and those on lower incomes face a future where they may never own a home.

The Greens are committed to dismantling the rigged system that privileges investors and landlords over the rest of us. Together we will make sure that an affordable home is a reality for everyone.

Our housing plan will:

Level the playing field for first home buyers

By reforming Negative Gearing, removing the Capital Gains Tax discount, and replacing Stamp Duty with a Land Tax, our plan will stop home prices from skyrocketing even further, lower the barrier to homeownership, and free up homes for growing families.

Give better rights and protections for people who rent

Renting is a long-term reality for more people than ever before, but people who rent are getting a raw deal. Too often, rental properties are used as a way for dodgy landlords to maximise their income at the expense of tenants’ security, safety and rights.

Our plan will regulate the rental market, stop unfair rent increases, include minimum notice periods in all leases, prohibit ‘rental bidding’ and allow tenants to make minor changes like hanging pictures.