One Million Homes

In Australia, housing is completely cooked. It’s a big problem, and with a big build we can fix it.

Housing should be for all, not just the greedy few.

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We're in a housing crisis

Right now, property prices are surging to record highs. A generation of renters have been locked out of home ownership, unable to save enough for a deposit, while continuing to face rising rents. 

Decades of governments have rigged the private housing market with tax breaks that favour big developers and rich property speculators – our current housing system is worsening inequality.

Homelessness is on the rise, and today people face decade-long waits for access to affordable housing. 

The housing market is broken. It’s time to think differently.

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Housing is a human right. 

Building one million new homes will ensure there is a home for all. These homes will be sustainable, accessible and affordable.

The Greens’ new innovative shared equity ownership scheme will make it easier for people to own their first home where they want to live for $300,000. 

We’ll fund it by making billionaires pay more tax and scrapping handouts to property developers and speculators.

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Our homes are for all.

All of the one million homes built will be accessible and adhere to Universal Design Principles.

This will ensure that these dwellings, including the public and community homes, shared ownership homes, and universal-access rentals, are made for all people.

Greens plan to build one million homes

A big problem needs a big solution

The Greens' plan is to build one million new publicly-owned, affordable, high-quality and sustainable homes.

Built over 20 years, we will clear public housing waiting lists, make housing more affordable, end homelessness, and ensure everyone has a roof over their head. 

The Greens will push to establish a Federal Housing Trust, which will:

Build 750,000 new public and community houses to slash public housing waiting lists and end homelessness

Public and Community Housing

Safe and secure housing is a human right. 

But currently in Australia, hundreds of thousands of people are in crisis. Inequality grows as the state of our public housing system becomes more dire.

People wait for over a decade to access public housing, while many others seek help from homelessness services every year. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has only deepened the crisis for many, including women and children at risk as they flee domestic and family violence. 

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Part of the Greens’ plan to build one million homes includes a massive new investment in public housing. 750,000 new sustainable and accessible public and community homes will be built over 20 years. 

Our plan will slash the public housing waiting lists, end homelessness and ensure everyone has a place to call home.

Build 125,000 new shared ownership homes, which will allow first-home buyers to buy a home where they want to live for $300,000.

Own your first home for $300,000

In a housing system rigged for investors, buying a home is now well out of reach for most people. It’s currently too expensive for too many people to both pay rent and save for a deposit. 

As part of the Greens’ plan to build one million homes, there will be 125,000 affordable new homes available to own for those who would otherwise be locked out of owning a home.

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Here’s how it will work:

  • 125,000 homes will be built for purchase for $300,000.
  • With a small deposit, you can move in and have shared ownership straight away. All homes will be owner-occupied.
  • Residents will be able to own up to 75% equity in any given property. If you decide to leave, you can sell your share back to the government’s Federal Housing Trust.

This opportunity can provide a secure home for life or a place for people to simply build equity.  

Ultimately, this plan ensures people have a secure, sustainable and safe place to call home, raise a family, and have confidence that they’re part of their local community for years to come. It’s an open door to home ownership for all those who have long been locked out. 

Do you want a home for $300,000? »

Build 125,000 new public universal-access rental homes to provide affordable housing for more people who want to live in communities close to where they work, especially essential and frontline workers.

Universal-Access Rentals:
It’s time to make renting more affordable

Nearly a third of all Australian households rent their home. Yet government after government has ignored creating better rental availability in favour of landlord profits. This leaves options for renters limited. 

The Greens will push for 125,000 new, affordable government-owned rentals. Rent will be capped at 25% of your income or market rent, whichever is lower. This will be a huge step towards universal housing for all.  

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The Greens plan benefits a wider group of people who want to rent while still being safe and secure in their home. This includes essential and frontline workers like teachers and nurses, as well as others, who have been priced out of their community. 

This plan will create more housing stock, making it easier for more people to find an affordable place to rent.  

Create 135,000 new jobs in construction and services to support Australia’s economic recovery as we build new homes and renovate existing ones.

Thousands of good, steady jobs

The Greens’ big build of one million homes will create 45,000 new ongoing direct jobs and 90,000 new ongoing indirect jobs in construction and services. Supporting Australia’s economic recovery, while building publicly-owned, affordable, high-quality and sustainable homes.

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In addition to the new homes, the program will provide $7b in capital grants over ten years to states and territories to improve and upgrade existing public housing stock.

What will it take to make this a reality?

The Greens are just a few hundred votes from the balance of power. In the balance of power, we will fight for our plan to build a million new affordable, high-quality and sustainable homes. 

With your support, we can make this happen by forcing the major parties to provide housing based on people’s needs, not on the profits of the banks, property developers and investors. 

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Why the Greens? 

The Greens are the only party who do not take donations from the big banks, big developers and property tycoons. 

Because we don’t take big donations, we can put people’s needs first. 

Only the Greens fundamentally believe that the current situation of some people owning five, ten or more properties, getting huge tax handouts and locking other people out of the market is completely unsustainable. 

Use your vote to put the Greens back in balance of power and we’ll push the next Government to go further and faster. 

We can build one million homes

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