Rental Crisis Inquiry

We established the nation’s first ever national inquiry into the rental crisis, and renters everywhere shared their experiences and demanded action. 16,061 submissions, and over two thirds of them were from people who did not own property.

Thanks to our community, Labor will be forced to hear from thousands of renters about the unfair rental system.

But there's still more to do.

The only way we are going to make unlimited rent increases illegal is by showing the government that renters are angry, renters are fed up and renters are going to fight back.

Here's how you can help:

Sign the petition

Labor has the power to fix the housing crisis, they’re just choosing not to. The Greens are fighting for renters. Join the fight.

Demand a rent freeze

Take it to the streets

Together we can speak to thousands of people across the country and build the case for why we desperately need a rent freeze.

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