After the election: what you told us


As the dust continues to settle after May 18, the results are in from our post-election survey – and they are are something to behold.

By The Australian Greens

As the dust continues to settle after May 18, the results are in from our post-election survey. A huge thanks to the 8,528 of you who took the time to tell us about your Greens election.

The results have given us insights to the campaign that we may not have been able to glean from other sources. We will use the information to improve our planning and communications in future campaigns.

Who responded?

Remembering that 8,528 completed the survey:

  • 2,506 (27.8%) of you are members

  • What gender do our respondents most closely identify with?

    • Women: 50.9% 

    • Men: 45.6%

    • Prefer not to say: 1.9%

    • A variety of responses from 1.5% including transgender male, transgender female, non-binary, person, gender-queer, human and one BOWG (Boring Old White Guy)

  • 12.3% identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community

  • 3.6% told us they identify as a person of colour 

  • 11.5% are people living with a disability

  • 48% of you told us you consider yourselves to be ‘privileged’, 46% think they are ‘about average’ and 9% said they are ‘disadvantaged’

What did you do for the campaign?

  • 2,276 (25.1%) of you volunteered 

    • 2,002 (88%) handed out on polling booths

      • 469 (20.8%) were booth captains

    • 234 (10%) joined call teams, generating support for the campaign on the phone

    • 94.1% those lovely folks would like to keep volunteering

  • 3,097 (34.5%) donated to the Greens (interesting to note that 8,196 (91.1%) of respondents are concerned about the influence of big corporate money in politics)

    • What were the top three motivations to give?(noting that people could select more than one motivator) 

1. 64.6% donated to the Greens campaign on climate

2. 53%  donated to get more Greens into Parliament

3. 45.1% donated to get our message out to the broader community 

  • A massive 7,472 (84.8%) of you spoke to friends and family about voting Greens. THANKS – you know it made a difference!

What else are you interested in?

  • 1,434 people were interested in buying Greens merchandise. Are you too? Check out our online:

  • 1,480 wanted to know more about joining the party. Interesting fact: since the election, we have seen increases in membership across the country, with Victoria welcoming 417 new members. NSW have also bolstered their grassroots community with around 400 newbies. Are you keen to know more about your state party? Find out what you need to know here:

  • 428 wanted to know more about our Gifts in Wills program EverGreen. You can find out more about this special program here:

What do you want to see your Greens MPs fighting for in the 46th Federal Parliament?

As our MPs head back to Canberra next week, they will know that these are the top four issues you want to see them working on:

  • Action on climate change: 94.4% of you said it was very important
  • Protecting our environment: 92% of you said it was very important
  • Getting corporate donations out of politics: 74.1% of you said it was very important
  • Restoring integrity to politics: 74.8% of you said it was very important

It’s no surprise that you want to see action on climate change. To that end, we are working hard on bolstering our campaign coffers with funds to roll out the biggest climate campaign Australia has ever seen.

Side note: Since the first week after the election, 1,083 of you have already donated to the campaign, contributing $10,580. There have already been an impressive 973 recurring donations made by our ‘climate champions’ – some as little as $3 per week. If you too want to become a climate champion, click here

What was your favourite moment from the election campaign?

Here's a selection of some of your favourite moments:

  • “Seeing Tony Abbott lose!” (we saw a lot of this sentiment)
  • “Seeing the number of young people who when approaching the gauntlet of ‘hander-outers’ at the election booths came down the line refusing info and then say I'll have one of yours to me.”
  • “Every time someone made a beeline to me for a Greens how to vote card in a sea of LNP and One Nation voters.”
  • “Comedian Rod Quantock booked for Greens fundraiser held at Deloraine Little Theatre, Tasmania.”
  • “I don't think I have a favourite. A combination of TV advertising and Twitter posts are up there for me.”
  • “Richard Di Natale's press club speech.”
  • “Zali Steggall beating Tony Abbott in our electorate, and meeting Richard Di Natale in person.”
  • “Having the support of passionate young people.”
  • “To know that we had an option in Kooyong – previously have thought our vote didn't matter.”
  • “To see Greens stand up to the Liberal party and for Morrison to say on TV that Greens are the wreckers of economy and extremists.”
  • “Seeing the 2.4% swing to The Australian Greens.”
  • “After I finished my shift on the booth I got a democracy sausage and stood in the middle of the voting area in the primary school and soaked up the atmosphere. All the tribal partisan crap was gone, it was the community together participating in democracy. Everyone doing their little bit to be a part of our democratic system. At that point, political allegiances don't matter, everyone is there for the same reason and we are all doing it together. There is a sense of community with a common purpose. It's a wonderful thing. I absolutely love it.”
  • “The re-election of Mehreen Faruqi/Mehreen's secret Engadine Macca's reference on Twitter.”
  • “Wearing my new Greens T-shirt.”
  • “The Queensland Greens campaign being different to everyone else's, i.e. better.”
  • “Richard's speech!  Bless you, mate!”
  • “Dr Di Natale's address at the Press Club. So well spoken, pure class!!!”
  • “Number of young families opting to take Greens how-to-vote cards and/or having a conversation.”
  • “Meeting Bob Brown, Richard, and Larissa at a Stop Adani rally. Meeting Shannon Girrard, my local rep. All were genuinely lovely people.”
  • “The presence of Jordon Steele-John was reassuring.”
  • “Good to see swings in ‘safe’ electorates – very exciting.”
  • “Just having the opportunity to represent ethical views and belong to a holistically  progressive political party like the Greens.”
  • “Climate action being brought to the attention of the masses.”
  • “Discovering that the Greens didn't flop like Labor and seeing Jordon Steele-John get back in.”
  • “Sam Blackadder's name.”

If you gave us your thoughts in the post-election survey, thanks again for taking the time out to do so – your insights are tremendously valuable to our movement!

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