Australian Greens Annual Report 2016

What a big year!: Giz Watson and Penny Allman-Payne

2016 was a big year — many wins, a number of near-misses and a few losses — in particular the loss of Rob Simms as a Senator for South Australia and the death of the much-loved NSW MP John Kaye.

A voice for the people: Rachel Siewert

The last 12 months have basically been at the pace of an election; we tried our best to speak to issues that matter to the community, particularly around reducing inequality, defending vulnerable Australians and protecting our climate.

Transition on course: Alex Schlotzer

2016 has seen the transition to the new national structure proceed apace, the beginning of the strategic planning process and a set of grants for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to attend National Conference.


Winning for the community: Adam Bandt

What a massive year it has been for our team and the Greens! Thanks to the people of Melbourne, hundreds of volunteers across the city and the support of many more across Australia, I have been re-elected to represent Melbourne.

Two steps forward: Janet Rice

Despite the challenges that 2016 brought us, the Greens made the case for a more caring future and we’re getting results, blocking the worst of the government's extreme agenda and with hope on the horizon.

Together, we're powerful: Larissa Waters

From State Greens efforts to end domestic violence, fierce community campaigns to stop dangerous fracking and national efforts to defend the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, it's more important than ever that we work together.


Democracy, aid and animals: Lee Rhiannon

Positive news in 2016 included the senate reform passed in March, a ban on greyhound racing in NSW and progress in banning cosmetics tested on animals. Our next focus is to increase the aid budget and establish a national anti-corruption body.

Campaigning, climate and courage: Nick McKim

It's been a hectic year — straight into the campaign trail, then hard work on schools, justice, small business and now immigration while Tasmania has struggled with the effects of climate change.

Plastic pollution, parks and plutocracy: Peter Whish-Wilson

The first election in Tasmania in decades without Christine Milne or Bob Brown on the ticket saw the Greens scrape through with both Senators. A good thing, too, as this round-up of the year's hard work shows.


The lens of history: Catherine Garner and Rod Swift

Our member-driven policy platform is one of the foundations of the participatory democracy within our party. This year has been bedding down the nearly 700 amendments recommended by last year's policy review.

A huge year: Richard Di Natale

In 2016, we shored up our support and positioned ourselves for the next challenge: connecting with mainstream voters who share our progressive values of generosity, fairness and integrity.

Stronger together: Sarah Hanson-Young

A year of ups and downs — the loss of Robert Simms as Senator for South Australia was a hard one, but the mood in the community is turning on asylum seekers and there are challenges ahead.


Another world is possible: Scott Ludlam

We must not let ourselves be distracted by the far-right's attempts to have us lay the ills of the world on those who are already doing it tough. Instead, we must join with them to create a better world.

Around the world: Elise Klein

With a study tour bringing 22 people to Australia from around the world, formalising the Asia-Pacific Greens from an informal network to a registered Federation and running international booths for our own election, it's been a busy year.

Summary financial results 2016

Income and expenditure statements for 2016.


On the shoulders of giants: Nick Cooper

A whirlwind six months in which the party has improved the professionalism of its approach to the management of financial issues with regular treasurers' calls between states and a Governance and Finance Committee.

No rest for the wicked: Brett Constable

We couldn't achieve as much as we do without the dedication and commitment of a cast of thousands — in particular our fantastic national office bearers and staff I share the load with in our 'virtual' national office.