Annual Report 2022

The Australian Greens

Report from the Parliamentary leader

We have momentum and we are working hard to make change happen for the almost two million people who voted for us.

Report from the national co-convenors

A year of achievements and foundations for our work ahead.

Report from the deputy leader

The past twelve months have been extraordinarily rewarding and challenging for our office.



Report from the senator for Queensland

We’ve got a formidable team and we’re ready to make some noise and change the country for the better.

Report from the senator for SA

With the Greens in balance of power in the Senate, we will use our numbers and power to fight for our environment, stronger action on the climate crisis, a liveable planet, and a more equal future for all of us.

Report from the senator for Tasmania

A terrific election result nationally has given us a strong mandate to press for action on climate, nature, social justice and economic inequality.



Report from the senator for WA

I’m looking back on the past 12 months feeling even more humbled and grateful to represent our movement and the state of WA in this truly incredible role.

Report from the senator for Victoria

This year we turned a corner: people voted for change, and what a relief that is.

Report from the senator for Tasmania

After nine years of battling under a Liberal Government, 2022 will be remembered as the year Australia hit refresh on politics.



Report from the senator for Victoria

With an expanded party room, the balance of power in the Senate, and a higher representation of First Nations people in the Australian parliament than ever before, I am excited to get to work and make our policies reality.

Report from the senator for WA

Our shared vision – to protect the environment, phase out coal and gas, and activate grassroots democracy – is coming to life in the 47th Parliament.

Report from the MP for Brisbane

I am truly honoured by the trust that local residents placed in me and our campaign, and I am dedicated to delivering a better future for all of us.



Report from the senator for SA

We have had quite a ride so far and done so much. I am so grateful for their help and hard work and for the support of all our Greens members.

Report from the MP for Griffith

I’m only here because of our incredible movement of volunteers and organisers who gave up countless weekends to campaign, and I’m deeply humbled by the trust and support of tens of thousands of Griffith residents.

Report from the senator for NSW

The mandate we have on integrity, climate action and justice is undeniable and we’ve all been working hard to deliver on this.



Report from the senator for Queensland

Thanks to the extraordinary effort of all of our supporters, our movement is in a powerful position to deliver on the things we’ve all been fighting for.

Report from the MP for Ryan

There’s so much work to be done, but we’re starting to pick up momentum and my team and I are excited about the change we can make in the year to come!

Report from the national secretary

The Greens movement remains of the just side of history, and incredible election results this past year show our message is cutting through and reaching people right across the country.



Report from the International Co-secretaries

Working on everything from the Global Issues Group to planning for the next Global Greens Congress, the international space has been as busy and rewarding as what’s been going on locally.

Report from the national treasurers

This year has seen a successful federal election campaign and result, as well as an increase in our equity.

Summary financial results 2022

A summary of the Australian Greens’ financial results.