Greens announce health based approach for drug use


MEdia release 

The Greens have today announced their Safer Drug Use plan which outlines a comprehensive health-based approach to drug use.

The plan, aimed at improving the wellbeing of the community, includes legalising and regulating Cannabis for adult use, funding community health services to provide pill testing, safe injecting rooms, drug and alcohol treatment, and opioid substitution therapy.

Quotes attributable to Australian Greens Health Spokesperson, Senator Jordon Steele-John:

“Our health approach meets the reality that many people in our community use drugs; and our plan ensures we minimise harm, save lives, and save money.

“The war on drugs has failed to keep members of our community safe. We must move away from prohibition and treating drugs as a criminal issue, it’s time to move to a health-based, harm-reduction approach.

“Whether people like it or not Australians choose to use drugs, it's up to us how we manage them. Our plan, grounded in evidence, will show compassion to community members and invest in community health services.

“It’s time for cannabis to be legalised for adult-use across Australia. Despite it being illegal, cannabis use is common, and more people support legalisation of cannabis than oppose it.

“Legalisation will be a major step forward for drug law reform. It’s our plan to establish an Australian Cannabis Agency to issue licenses for growers and retailers, and to act as the single wholesaler.

“As events start happening again, many people will choose to take party drugs. These drugs will be of unknown quality and content. It’s time for Australia to join other countries and reduce the risk by establishing pill testing facilities.

"We know pill testing saves lives and helps people make informed choices and almost 3 in 5 Australians support it. Our plan will see pill testing set up at festivals and establish 14 health centres in capital cities and regional areas”

The Greens plan includes will:

  • Legalise, tax and regulate cannabis.
  • Fund pill testing at festivals and 14 new pill testing sites across Australia.
  • Double Commonwealth funding for alcohol and drug treatment.
  • Expand safe injecting facilities to each capital city.
  • Fully fund opioid substitution therapy.


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