Beyond Gas

A future free from gas pollution

Key Facts

  • Labor and Liberal governments have allowed private corporations to sell Victorian gas overseas, leaving Victorian households and businesses to pay the costs of increasing gas prices
  • Gas prices have risen by as much as 500%, but Labor and the Liberals have no plan to transition out of this destructive and polluting fossil fuel
  • Drilling for gas is destructive and polluting. Off-shore gas exploration damages our oceans and drilling for gas on land destroys our farms and the environment

The Greens' plan

  • Revoke Labor’s decision to allow offshore gas exploration within Victoria's jurisdiction
  • Legislate to permanently ban any new gas exploration or extraction, including fracking, on Victorian land or in Victorian waters
  • Stop AGL's Westernport gas facility and pipeline
  • $25 million to provide $1000 grants to support households to transition from gas to electric heating and to educate Victorians on the benefits of switching off gas
  • Develop recommendations for planning reform to stop new gas pipelines to new towns/suburbs
  • Mandate non-gas heating in building regulations for all new builds
  • Identify options for industry transition beyond gas, including use of biogas

We are paying the price for gas sell-offs

Around 80% of the gas produced in Australia is exported. Previously Labor and Liberal governments allowed these deals by private corporations, meaning Australian gas is now cheaper overseas than it is in Australia.

As a result, households are paying more and more for gas and industrial gas prices have risen by as much as 500%.

Gas is a destructive, polluting fossil fuel

Drilling for gas destroys our farmland and environment, and burning gas is wrecking our climate. Gas, like coal, is a polluting fossil fuel that is destroying our climate and our environment.

Victorian needs a plan now to transition out of gas and coal. This transition will see Victoria powered by 100% renewable energy, to reduce power bills and protect our climate and environment. 

No new gas

No fracking and no onshore gas

The fracking ban and moratorium on onshore gas mining were huge wins for Victorian communities. Now we need to legislate to make this ban permanent, so that future governments can’t be pressured by mining companies to open up our farmlands and parks to gas drilling. 

No offshore gas exploration

We absolutely should not be looking for new gas. Our climate cannot cope with the dirty fossil fuels already being extracted, let alone more destructive carbon pollution.

Yet earlier this year, Labor announced it would allow new gas exploration in Victoria’s pristine coastal waters, despite alarming new research showing that gas exploration is destroying marine life and our fisheries.

Licences have not yet been issued and it's not too late to reverse this terrible decision.

No AGL monster gas ship

AGL has jumped on high gas prices and is looking to make a quick buck.

The want to build a monster floating gas ship in pristine Westernport Bay, feeding dirty gas up a new pipeline and into Victoria.

This proposal would have huge environmental impacts for the surrounding marine and coastal environment and cause toxic carbon pollution.

The Greens will stand with the local community and environment groups to fight this proposal.

Phase-out household gas

Since gas first started appearing in Australian homes in the 1950s and '60s, it has gone from being relatively cheap to very expensive.

Recent studies published by the University of Melbourne found that a large Melbourne home could save as much as $658 over the course of a single winter heating season, by switching from gas to electric heating.

Its cost, combined with its climate pollution, make gas a bad option. Electricity made from renewable sources is a much better option, for the environment and the household budget.

The Greens' household gas phase-out plan includes:

  • $3 million for a phase-out gas education program
  • $1000 grants to help households to replace dirty polluting gas heating, to the value of $22 million
  • Reforms to stop the roll-out of gas to new suburbs and homes - stopping families from being trapped into buying expensive and polluting gas for years to come
  • Changes to building regulations to require that non-gas heating is installed in all new homes

Industry transition

The Greens will support industry to make the transition to alternative energy sources. The Greens will identify opportunities for biogas from agriculture and the waste sector to supply gas users where alternative energy options are not available.

Further information

Further policy information about our Beyond Gas plan is available here.

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