Local Issues

As Eastern Metropolitan’s representative in parliament, I don’t just represent Greens values, I represent you.

Below are just some local issues I’m currently working on. Have questions or other issues you want raised in parliament? Get in touch with me here, on 9850 8600 or via email samantha.dunn@parliament.vic.gov.au

Protecting our parks and open spaces

Open space is critical for our suburbs. The Victorian Green’s Melbourne Open Space Strategy will protect and expand green open space to keep our city liveable.

Safeguard the Green Wedge

Our region has 7 of Victoria’s 12 green wedges, a vital safety net for biodiversity. We’ll continue to make sure they are protected for future generations.

Sustainable Local Planning

Our planning system needs to works for our community, not for big developers. We must protect and invest in our area’s heritage and liveability.

Young people in the East

The East has the least affordable private rental housing and the lowest levels of public housing in Melbourne. Our young people deserve better.

Doncaster Rail

Manningham’s growing population is putting increasing pressure on our bus network. It’s time to build Doncaster Rail and relieve the strain on public transport.

Fix our bus network

Residents in Manningham rely solely on buses that are overcrowded and inefficient. We need more buses, running smarter connections, to more places.

Rosanna Rd

For too long, residents along Rosanna Road have had to contest with the busy, overcrowded and unsafe road. They need a solution now, not in ten years time.