Save Our Parks

Protecting Victoria's special places, before it's too late

Key Facts:

  • Our National Parks are under greater threat than ever before: from invasive species, climate change and inappropriate development.
  • The Liberals cut funding to our national parks in 2014, with devastating effects for the management and protection of these precious places.
  • The Andrews Labor Government failed to restore the required funding for our Parks and is now giving recreational hunters free reign to shoot in our parks.
  • New park creation in Victoria is at the lowest level in 50 years, while species across the state are pushed to the brink of extinction.

The Greens' Plan:

  • Fix the Parks Victoria funding crisis with an immediate ongoing increase of $50 million per year, so we can invest in more rangers, science, and conservation management
  • Create new National Parks, starting with the Great Forest National Park and Emerald Link, and end native forest logging
  • Reopen visitor centres to improve access to nature for all Victorians
  • Appoint a new board to Parks Victoria, including a majority of members with environmental, conservation and Indigenous knowledge and expertise
  • End corporate development in our National Parks
  • Invest much more in research and professional control of invasive species, not recreational hunting
  • Allocate $40 million to buy, restore and protect rare and important habitat on private land.

Fund National Parks like we mean it

Victoria’s National Parks have suffered from underfunding at the hands of successive Labor and Liberal governments.

Restoring parks

The Greens will give Parks Victoria the resources they need to manage our Parks, with a funding increase of $50 million every year from 2018-19 onwards.

This increase will allow Parks Victoria to restore vital environmental programs across the state, restore facilities, employ more conservation staff and rangers, and deliver better environmental management and conservation.

Our Parks need ongoing care from dedicated people. It’s time to recognise and fund this important work, to ensure we have enough experienced rangers to manage threats like pests and fire, and protect our native animals and plants. 

Our plan will connect the natural environment across our state, building greater resilience, and will deliver greater collaboration and joint management with Traditional Owner groups.

Re-open visitor centres

Our National Parks are wonderful places where Victorians and visitors can connect with nature.

With restored funding, Parks Victoria will be able to re-open and staff National Park visitor centres, to ensure Parks are accessible to all of us, while enabling conservation of habitat and species.

Making National Parks climate-ready

Our National Parks are a critical refuge for native animals and plants as they move in response to climate change. National Parks are also under increased threat from fire, extreme weather events and pests and disease. We need adequate and ongoing funding to protect our parks and ensure they remain vital habitat into the future.

End the National Parks standstill

Some of Victoria’s most precious places and species remain vulnerable and unprotected, yet new park creation in Victoria is at the lowest level in 60 years.

The Greens' plan to Save Our Parks will end the National Parks standstill by bringing more special places into the Parks system.

The Greens will immediately allocate $100 million to create new National Parks where they’re needed most.

The Great Forest National Park and Emerald Link

We need these new parks now, to protect our Central Highlands and East Gippsland forests and deliver tourism jobs and investment throughout the region.

The Greens have committed $46 million to establish the Great Forest National Park and Emerald link.

Labor is logging high conservation forests on Melbourne’s fringe and in regional Victoria, threatening our water supplies and pushing endangered species to the brink of extinction.

The Greens would end logging in native forests, create the Great Forest National Park and Emerald Link and transition Victoria’s timber supply to sustainable plantation timber to save jobs.

New Parks across Victoria

The Greens will also create:

  • New parks in central west Victoria
  • A Strathbogie Ranges National Park
  • A Murray River Park

We will also work with VEAC to identify and create new parks where they're needed across Victoria.  

Parks for nature and people, not corporate development

Stop corporate development

Our Parks are no place for greedy private profit. Developers want to cut out land in the Alpine National Park to build a massive private resort.

The Greens will stand up to developers, enforcing existing rules that ban inappropriate development in National Parks.

We will also reverse Labor's appalling decision to allow commercial horse training in coastal reserves. This decision is the sell-out of public land to the destructive racing industry, and threatens precious habitat for threatened species, including hooded plovers.

A new Parks Victoria Board

The current Parks Victoria Board is stacked towards tourism and business. Very few of the current members have specialist expertise in environmental management or conservation. 

The Greens' plan would appoint a new board to Parks Victoria, including a majority of members with environmental, conservation and Indigenous knowledge and expertise, to ensure our parks have a strong focus on conservation of our biodiversity and habitat, as well as providing good experiences for visitors. The new board will also include strong Traditional Owner representation.

Protecting critical habitat on private land

Some of the rarest and most important habitat in Victoria is on private land. This habitat, home to threatened plants, animals and birds, needs urgent protection, before it is lost.

The Greens will provide $40 million in new funding to support the excellent work of Victoria’s existing Trust for Nature program. This program buys, restores and provides strong legal protection for rare and important habitat.  

Protection of strategic private land plays an important role in connecting habitat across our state to create nature corridors for threatened animals and birds.  

Further information

For further information about our plan to Save Our Parks, check out our policy document.

Further policies to safeguard Victoria’s precious environment will be released shortly.

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Hero Image: Hopetoun Falls, Lenny K Photography