Solar for Public Housing

Solar for those who need it most

The Greens Plan:

  • Solar panels for 24,000 free-standing public homes in Victoria.
  • Battery storage for 10,000 public homes.
  • Upgrades to energy efficiency in all public homes.
  • Public housing residents will save money on their energy bills.

Power privatisation has failed

Privatisation of our electricity system has failed. When Kennett handed over our electricity system to private corporations to make a profit, it made electricity more expensive, less reliable and kept it dirty.

Our plan will hand the power back to people, by supporting everyone to get solar, including public housing residents.

Solar for Public Housing Homes

The Greens' Solar for Public Housing plan will reduce power bills for the Victorians who need it most. Our plan will put solar panels on 24,000 free-standing public housing homes, at an estimated cost of $4500 per home.

The panels will create publicly owned power, managed by the Greens' proposed public energy retailer. The power generated will be provided to public housing residents at a substantially reduced cost. 

Solar on public housing will cut energy bills for public housing residents who are struggling to keep up with rising cost of living. Our plan will ensure that people in public housing homes can benefit from reduced power prices through clean energy.

Why we're adding batteries

The Greens' Solar for Public Housing plan will add battery storage to 10,000 public housing homes, costing approximately $12,000 per home. These homes will become a virtual power plant that stores excess power, and releases it back to the grid when it is needed most. This will reduce power prices for everyone in the network, by helping to manage times of the day when power demand is highest.

Our public housing virtual power plant would be managed by the Greens' proposed public energy retailer, Power Victoria.

Energy efficiency reduces power bills

The Greens' plan to reduce power bills for public housing residents also includes energy efficiency upgrades to ensure public housing is fit to be called a home.

Many of our public housing homes are not up to scratch. In winter, many residents are using dangerous gas heaters to heat their homes. In summer, some residents are sleeping outside because their homes are so hot.

Under the Greens' plan, all public housing homes will be required to meet strong minimum energy efficiency standards, so that public housing residents can keep their home at a comfortable temperature without paying a fortune.

How much will Solar for Public Housing cost?

The Greens have costed our Solar for Public Housing plan at approximately $293 million, made up of:

  • $100 million - publicly-owned solar on 24,000 public housing homes
  • $120 million - publicly-owned battery storage for 10,000 public housing homes
  • $73 million - energy efficiency upgrades for public housing homes

Solar for Public Housing will form part of the Greens' fully costed election platform, currently being costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office. 

Further information

For further information about our Solar for Public Housing Plan, check out our policy document.

Solar for Renters and Schools

The Greens' Solar for Public Housing plan is in addition to solar initiatives for renters and schools.

  • Solar for Everyone - Our plan to unlock solar for people who rent or live in an apartment
  • Solar for Schools - Our plan to put solar and batteries in public schools across Victoria.

Related energy and climate change policies

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  • A Victorian Climate Commissioner - Our plan to safeguard communities and the environment from climate change.