Solar for Schools

Solar for every Victorian school

The Greens Plan:

  • Solar panels and batteries for Victoria's 1531 public schools.
  • Schools will save money on their energy bills.
  • The solar and batteries will be connected through a Virtual Power Plant, increasing efficiency across the whole energy network and bringing down prices for everyone.

Why schools are perfect for solar

Schools are perfect for solar. Schools need electricity during daylight hours, when solar power is generated, and they usually have a large roof area, perfect for installing solar panels.

Energy bills are a significant expense for Victorian schools. By bringing down these costs, schools will have more money to spend on our kids' education.

Solar on schools is also a great way for our kids to learn about clean energy and sustainability.

Why the Greens are adding batteries

When linked with solar, batteries are a great way to ensure energy is available when it is needed. Under the Greens' plan, our schools will become a virtual power plant for Victoria.

When school is in, the solar panels will power the school's heating, cooling, lighting and other electricity needs. When the school is empty, the solar energy can be stored in batteries and released to the grid for all Victorians to use, or used by the school during times when the sun isn’t shining.

This ‘virtual power plant’ in schools could be managed by the Greens' proposed public energy retailer, Power Victoria, to reduce energy prices for all Victorians.

How much will Solar for Schools cost?

The Greens have costed our Solar for Schools package at $100 million over four years. Approximately $66,000 will be allocated per school, with $40,000 to fund solar and $26,000 to cover the cost of batteries.

Schools that already have solar, or where solar is not possible, will be able to access the full amount for battery storage or to fund upgrades in energy efficiency.

Check our policy document for further details.

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