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We need a new approach to defence spending.


The Morrison Government has recommitted to spending $270 billion on upgrading Australia's arsenal for war in the middle of a pandemic, and with the backdrop of the climate crisis, including $800 million on missiles from Trump!

Add your voice to oppose this unnecessary defence spending!

Hundreds of thousands of people across our community are struggling right now and are unable to access the support they need.

Casual and migrant workers, people on the DSP and carer payment and renters have all been forgotten by this government in the economic response to COVID-19 and in just a couple of months time the JobKeeper payment will cease and the rate of JobSeeker will be cut almost in half, putting even more financial stress on thousands of Australians families and businesses.

It’s time to reclaim the public funds being wasted on unnecessary and outdated weapons, refocus our defence forces on preparing for the impacts of climate change and build cooperative relationships with our friends and neighbours so that we can work together to create a peaceful future for all of us and give everyone what they need to live a good life.

Peace is and should always be the goal.