Get Blood Money out of our War Memorial

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Let’s stop our Australian War Memorial becoming a billboard for Weapons manufacturers.

The Australian War Memorial is a vital national space of learning and reflection; it's where our community remembers those who have lost their lives in conflict, share stories with those who’ve survived and reflect on the importance of creating a world free from violence.

But, corporate weapons manufacturers are undermining this purpose! The major parties have allowed corporate arms dealers to make donations of over $1.2 million to the War Memorial between 2015 & 2018 to use this important space as a billboard of their own self promotion. 

Corporate arms dealers have no place in our War Memorial; it’s time to end their influence on this vital public space and make sure that it is transparently and publicly funded.

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Unlike the major parties, the Greens will get corporate influence out of our war memorial so that it can be the space our community needs it to be.

We will take on the major parties and the corporate arms dealers to get their influence out of the Australian War Memorial.

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