Thalidomide Justice

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"Our disability was man-made, it could have been prevented."

- Lisa McManus, Thalidomide survivor


Thalidomide was human induced and entirely preventable disaster, perpetuated by a government who failed to not only protect people but to take appropriate and timely action to mitigate the drugs impacts in Australia.

Over the past 5 years, the Greens - alongside Thalidomide survivors - have been fighting for a proper apology and compensation. A battle which ultimately led to a parliamentary inquiry into support for Australia's Thalidomide survivors. 

It's been 6 months now since that inquiry reached the unanimous conclusion that Thalidomide survivors receive a national apology and proper compensation, yet they still don't have the justice they deserve.

The fight is not over yet, we need to hold the government to account and make sure they implement the recommendations of this inquiry ASAP.

Sign our petition calling on the government to follow the recommendations and deliver justice to Australia's Thalidomide survivors.