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We have a plan for a sustainable, connected and prosperous Perth public transport system.

The way we design our cities and neighbourhoods plays a critical role in the social wellbeing, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity of our communities. At their best, cities and urban neighbourhoods are places of connection, innovation, sustainability, economic prosperity and wellbeing.

With more than two-thirds of the world’s population set to be living in cities by 2050, it is vital we plan for sustainable, connected and prosperous cities. In recent years Perth has continued to expand rapidly, but this growth has been largely on the urban fringe, uncoordinated and at the expense of our communities and environment.

Years of inadequate planning and insufficient investment in public transport has left Perth residents heavily dependent on private vehicles. Unless we change the way public transport is currently planned and prioritised, congestion will continue to rise, increasing the negative impacts to our community, businesses and the environment.

Over the next decade, The Greens will invest $3.6 billion in clean, safe and affordable public and active transport. By properly funding rail and bus services, and ensuring that everyone has access to safe walking and cycle paths in their suburb, we can help people get where they’re going quicker, reduce our carbon emissions, and make our towns and cities more liveable.

Specifically, we want to:

  • Electrify our public transport system;
  • Complete the missing link in our public transport system by installing a trackless tram and light rail network;
  • Provide free off-peak travel;
  • Invest $60 million a year in cycling and active transport infrastructure;
  • Dedicate the last carriage of every train to bike commuters

Help us make this happen by joining our campaign for an accessible, connected and safe public transport system.