Stop the Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme

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Water is life – we need a different approach


The WA Labor Government has pocketed $40 million of Morrison Government money to develop the Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme (SFIS), with local growers, good forest and the world's tallest karri tree at risk.

River flows will be squeezed to a drop by this inequitable water trading scheme, 85 per cent-funded by taxpayers, but locking out 85 per cent of farming businesses in the South West region. With 160ha of good forest to be inundated and 142ha to be cleared, this preventable impact on users and industries, including water self-suppliers, is coming on the back of water rights based on an Act from 1914 and reliance on rainfall data going back to 1975.

This is just a snapshot. The Greens are calling on the WA Labor Government to stop the SFIS and work towards more equitable water allocation in the South West Region.

The Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme must be stopped. WA Labor must not damn the Donnelly.

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