Building a Better Normal

The 2020 ACT Election saw Canberrans elect the ACT Greens as the third force in ACT politics.

We presented our most comprehensive, detailed and ambitious platform ever, with over 500 initiatives designed to ‘Build a Better Normal’, and we’re proud that Canberrans voted for us to deliver it.

With six MLA’s – three Ministers and three crossbenchers –  your Greens team in the Assembly are continuing to drive sweeping changes to the way we do government.  

We do politics differently, by designing policy in collaboration with the people they impact, by refusing corporate donations, and by bringing community voices right into the Assembly.

Over the next four years we will listen deeply and work with the community, to ensure we deliver this agenda in a way that works.

The solutions to the major challenges our society and our planet face are here in our platform, and we have the courage, ambition and leadership required to see them through.

Your Greens Team in the Assembly

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