Green Magazine

July 2019


Why the moment is ours to capture

In this piece adapted from his speech to National Conference in SA last week, Richard Di Natale talks about how the progressive agenda is ours for the taking.

Reflections on National Conference

Last week’s National Conference was a timely reminder not to underestimate ourselves, the Australian people, or how bold the planet needs us to be right now.

Are you in the best of our polling booth shots?

Following the election in May, we received scores of photos from people like you around the country. Here are some of our favourites – are you in there?

Also this month

Mulling over the election through the lens of animism

In her review of Shoko Yoneyama’s recent book, WA Greens Co-convenor Chilla Bulbeck examines the concept of new animism, how it pertains to the current political landscape – and how, in amongst all the challenges of our time, hope springs eternal.

An activist life

At 89 years of age and with decades of activism behind her, lifetime Greens member Melva Truchanas is still looking ahead to the future and the impact she might be able to make on it for generations to come.